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• Cleans up the airborne dust, mould spores, bacteria and other potential allergens in the air.

• Produces Negative Ion up to 1000 ion/cc (measuring at a distance of 1 metre apart) to give you a country side feel.

• Reduces stress, stay focus and increase productivity.

• Promotes metabolism and improve health.

• Enhance sleeping quality.

Emtech® Air is able to deactivate bacteria, viruses, mould and cigarette smoke that settles on surfaces around you. The odours adhered on the curtains and sofa are deodorised.


Widely used for various types of air-con such as wall mounted air-con, ceiling mounted air-con, floor standing air-con, fan, supply air diffuser etc. Easy installation! Simply stick on the patch on your equipment vents

Content: 4 pc


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