Potatan tooth brush For Baby Ion Antibacterial Type (Blue / 0-5 years old)

  • $5.00

  • Toothbrush suitable for milk teeth
  • Gently softens when excessive force is applied to the neck part, minimising injury even if it thrusts. 
  • Does not hurt your teeth or gums even if you chew it when you brush your teeth. 
  • Has Ion & antibacterial effect. You can polish with water only with water. Ion & antibacterial effect clean mouth and toothbrush clean. 
  • Do not use boiling water disinfection

  • Available in 2 Colours: Pink and Blue
  • Dimension: Approx 140mm / Weight: Approx 20g

  • Country of manufacture: Japan

  • Material / component:
    Main Unit : Polypropylene 
    Rubber part : EPDM + Polypropylene
    Wool : Nylon 

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